Las Fallas 2023

Las Fallas is an extraordinary fire festival that should be on your must-see list if you find yourself in Spain, particularly Valencia, in March. The festivities unfold throughout almost the entire month, starting from March 1 and culminating on March 19. This unique celebration intertwines tradition, satire, and art, captivating visitors and earning recognition as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2016. Dive into the vibrant atmosphere of Valencian Las Fallas as you learn more about this captivating event. Whether it's discovering hidden gems, enjoying local cuisine, or participating in cultural events, ensures that your Las Fallas experience is not just memorable but truly joyful. Dive into the heart of Valencia's cultural extravaganza with and create lasting memories in this extraordinary city.

Las Fallas 2023: Traditional Festival celebration in Valencia

The Origins of Las Fallas

Las Fallas is an annual celebration in Valencia that spans nearly three weeks in March, commemorating the arrival of spring. During this lively period, the city is adorned with gigantic puppets known as Fallas, primarily crafted from paper-mâché. Alongside these towering structures are smaller sculptures called ninots, scattered throughout the city.

The culmination of Las Fallas occurs on the final day of the festival when all these sculptures, both large and small, are set ablaze in a spectacular bonfire known as La Crema. This grand event, drawing visitors from across the globe, transforms the city into a fiery spectacle. If you plan to be in Spain in March, Valencia is the place to be for this extraordinary event.

History of Las Fallas

While the roots of Las Fallas are often traced back over 500 years, the most popular narrative links its origins to carpenters burning the wooden structures used to illuminate their workshops during winter. Over time, these carpenters playfully added arms and legs made of rags and old items to the candlesticks, creating the human-like dolls known as ninots. These figures evolved into larger representations, incorporating satire on contemporary political and social issues.

The Fallas Festival has since evolved into a colossal display of intricate and brilliant artworks, some of which command millions of euros. It stands as a remarkable reflection of the culture and history of the region.

19 Days of Festivities for Every Taste

Enthusiasts of Las Fallas eagerly await the celebration, which offers a plethora of activities during Fallas week. From music and gunpowder to religious festivities, the festival engages all five senses, creating unforgettable memories.

Mascletà, from March 1st to 19th

For lovers of fireworks and pyrotechnic displays, the Mascletà event combines both into a breathtaking spectacle. Taking place at Plaza del Ayuntamiento daily at 2 pm from March 1st to 19th, this event features a symphony of fireworks and gunpowder reaching an impressive volume of 120 decibels. Spectators are encouraged to keep their mouths slightly open to protect their ears from the thunderous sound.

Reserve the Most Important Dates in the Las Fallas Program 2023

Fireworks and the Nit del Foc, from March 15th to 19th

As Las Fallas progresses, the nighttime sky over Alameda is illuminated with dazzling colors during midnight firework displays. The Nit del Foc festival, occurring in the early hours of March 18th, serves as the grand culmination of Las Fallas, attracting large crowds eager to witness this spectacular pyrotechnic showcase.

March 15th - Time for the Planta

On the evening of March 15th, the Fallas commissions work tirelessly to complete the figures by March 16th. Judges decide the best fallas and ninots on this day, selecting the ninot indultat, the only figure spared from the flames.

March 16th - Traditional Celebration

The traditional celebration on March 16, 2023, begins with the "plantà" of the children's fallas at 8 am, followed by a spectacular "mascletà" display at 2 pm in the town hall square. The Ninot Exhibition concludes at 5 pm, with the popular verdict announced at 5:30 pm. Commissions collect the ninots until 8 pm, and at midnight, L'Albà de les Falles is celebrated with fireworks at the Town Hall Square.

March 17th - Award-Giving Ceremony

On the morning of March 17th, falleras mayores and their commissions start a grand procession to Plaza del Ayuntamiento, where they receive awards for the fallas competition. The award-giving ceremony begins at 9:30 am, featuring distinct categories and the most remarkable fallas figures in the Special Section. The day also includes a "mascletà" event at 2 pm in the Town Hall Square, an offering of flowers to the Mare de Déu at 3:30 pm, and a fireworks display at Paseo de la Alameda at 1 am.

March 18th - Flower Ofrenda

The Fallas commissions march through the streets to Plaza de la Virgen, offering flowers to Virgen de los Desamparados, the patron saint of Valencia. The day includes tributes, ceremonies, and a fireworks display in Paseo de la Alameda at 1:30 am.

March 19th - The Cremà

The tradition of burning all fallas, large and small, on March 19th marks the culmination of Las Fallas. Despite the bittersweet sight of these figures ablaze, the Cremà performance is a breathtaking spectacle, commencing at 8 pm with the burning of small ninots, followed by the burning of large fallas at 10 pm (except for the 1st prize-winner at 10:30 pm). Las Fallas concludes at 11 pm with the burning of the figure at Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

Enjoy the Festival!

If you've never experienced Las Fallas, attending this spectacular festival is highly recommended. The diverse and vibrant celebrations offer something for everyone, making it an unforgettable cultural experience in the heart of Valencia.



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