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Get a front row seat to contemporary Italian culture at New Italian Cinema 2017, bringing Italy’s newest directors, veteran actors and filmmakers to the Bay Area, November 8-12.

Presented by the Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco & New Italian Cinema Events of Florence.


Fabio Mollo’s THERE IS A LIGHT (Il padre d’Italia), starring Luca Marinelli and Isabella Ragonese, wins the NICE City of Florence Award!


The 21st edition of New Italian Cinema, presented by the Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco (Istituto Italiano di Cultura) and New Italian Cinema Events (N.I.C.E) of Florence, Italy, in association with the Consulate General of Italy in San Francisco, wrapped up a five-day run (November 8-12, 2017), dedicated to celebrating the rich and dynamic cinematic tradition of Italy by bringing the works of the country’s veteran filmmakers and its newest directors and films to the San Francisco audiences. At a special Closing Night presentation, Fabio Mollo’s THERE IS A LIGHT (Il padre d’Italia) was selected to receive the City of Florence Award.

“We are honored to present the NICE City of Florence Award to Fabio Mollo for THERE IS A LIGHT (Il padre d’Italia),” said Viviana Del Bianco, founder of New Italian Cinema Events in Florence, Italy. “This film showcases two of Italy’s best actors and a young director who has fashioned an excellent script. We are proud to have shared these five days of cinema with the San Francisco audiences. We were especially proud of our opening night film, THE STUFF OF DREAMS (La stoffa dei sogni), by Gianfranco Cabiddu. It was a pleasure to introduce the film’s screenwriter, Salvatore De Mola (known for writing the popular TV series Detective Montalbano) to San Francisco audiences.”

The NICE City of Florence Award competition was comprised of seven dramatic features by up-and-coming directors including Annarita Zambrano’s AFTER THE WAR (Dopo la guerra), Pierfrancesco Diliberto’s AT WAR FOR LOVE (In guerra per amore), Andrea De Sica’s CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT (I figli della notte), Simone Godano’s HUSBAND & WIFE (Moglie e marito), Marco Segato’s ON THE TRAIL OF MY FATHER (La pelle dell’orso), Roberto De Paolis’ PURE HEARTS (Cuori puri), Fabio Mollo’s THERE IS A LIGHT (Il padre d’Italia). The City of Florence Award was decided by audience ballots from San Francisco screenings and announced at the Closing Night award ceremony Sunday, November 12 by Viviana Del Bianco, the founder of New Italian Cinema Events in Florence, Italy and Consul General of Italy in San Francisco, Lorenzo Ortona.

During the presentation preceding the screening of the Closing Night film, an Honorable Mention was also presented to a film outside of the competition category. Documentary feature WALKING ON WATER (Camminando sull’acqua) about the 1966 flooding of the Arno river in Florence, by filmmaker Gianmarco D’Agostino, was recognized for its compelling storytelling of a natural disaster and its imprint on the city of Florence and its citizens. Gianmarco D’Agostino unearths and interweaves mesmerizing amateur color footage of the flood with vivid firsthand recollections to mark the 50th anniversary of the natural disaster and celebrate Florence’s remarkable resurrection.

This year’s New Italian Cinema opened on November 8th with Gianfrancao Cabiddu’s THE STUFF OF DREAMS (La stoffa dei sogni). An onstage Q&A at the Castro Theatre with the screenwriter Salvatore De Mola and California Shakespeare Theater’s dramaturg Philippa Kelly followed the popular screening.  The Opening Night film was followed by a special celebration held at the historic San Francisco Italian Athletic Club in North Beach. The Closing Night film, THE DUEL OF WINE (Il duello del vino) by director Nicolás Carreras, featured a lively Q &A with charismatic sommelier Charlie Arturaola, producer/actor Lino Pujia, actress Pandora Anwyl, SF Wine School CEO David Glancy and moderator Kip Cranna.  A wine tasting party at Osteria Restaurant capped off the festival.

“In the past five days, we have seen once again a demonstration of how San Francisco is always ready to embrace Italian culture, and especially new movies and new directors. I feel privileged to have been part of this festival, and grateful to each and everyone of our spectators,” said Paolo Barlera, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute.

Walking on water | November 12, 11:15pm Vogue Theatre

Friends by Chance | November 12, 3:45pm Vogue Theatre

The Duel of Wine | November 12, 6:15pm Vogue Theatre

Italian cinema is not really about films. It's about life!